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A gifting platform to customize and automate gift campaigns for every initiative.

Easy set up, like it should be.

Automate multiple campaign types.

Send bulk gifts
with a button click.

Get employee insights and metrics.

Long-term, cost-effective gifting.

Global Shipping.

A one-stop-shop for your corporate gifting needs.

Whether automating birthday gifts or standing out with current customers, Snappy makes organizing the complex process of gift giving as simple as possible.

From automated service anniversaries, new hires, spot rewards, and corporate events—Snappy is a full solution to your employee recognition needs.

Send a thoughtful gift to loyal customers, encourage renewals, reward referrals, and strengthen your relationships through appreciation.

Joy by the numbers.

Generate reports from automated campaigns, so you get the best insights around employee nominations, popular gifts, customer win rates, and projected future campaign budgets all in one place.

Gift budget efficiency.

Only pay for the items recipients claim, meaning Snappy often saves you on your initial spending budget.

Freedom of choice
is the best gift.

From electronics to cooking gadgets, camping gear to digital subscriptions, gift recipients can choose from the trendiest, most desired gifts.

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Give a little,
get a little.

When someone receives a Snappy gift they can send an optional thank you note to let the sender know they appreciate the thoughtful act.

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