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Does Snappy have Holiday Gift Collections Available?
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Your gift should arrive to you within 7-14 days from the time you make your selection.  If you believe that your gift may be lost in transit, reach out to our Snappy Support team here for a live update on your gift!

Where is the email where I can redeem my gift?
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Snappy gift emails will go to whichever email address your employer has on file.  If you are expecting a gift and cannot find your email, check your spam folder as sometimes we can end up in there.  If not, reach out to us here and we will send you your link to redeem your gift!

Are there other gifts I can choose from?
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We are committed to pairing you with a gift you'll love! Our collections are dynamic and update frequently. While we do not have other items to choose from, the curation team is always hard at work keeping our gift collections fresh with new and exciting products. We're open to suggestions as well so feel free to drop us line!

Can I select two items of lesser value for my gift?
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We are currently limited to one item per gift.  We are happy to help you find a gift that will maximize its value!

Can I return/exchange my gift?
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If you contact us within a 30 day window, we are almost always able to accommodate a return or exchange!  Reach out to us here and we will coordinate with our vendor to facilitate your return.

What should I do if my gift is damaged or missing parts?
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Please let us know as soon as possible and we will make it right!  Many of our vendors have a 30 day return window so always open your gift when it arrives to make sure it’s in mint condition!

How long do I have to redeem my gift?
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We recommend redeeming your gift as soon as possible!  Most gifts will not expire so if you need some extra time to make a decision, feel free to take the time you need!  It’s important to note that your employer can expire gifts at any time at their discretion.  If you are wondering if or when your gift will expire, reach out to Snappy Support and we will be happy to help!

Why is my gift expired/archived?
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At Snappy, we will never expire or archive your gift without a specific request from your employer.  We also cannot lift an expiration date without a specific request from your employer.  If you believe you should still be able to redeem your gift, please reach out to your company admin and have them contact us directly.

Do employees get to pick their gifts themselves?
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Yes! That’s what makes Snappy so powerful. The interactive platform lets employees choose exactly what they want from a fantastically curated collection of amazing gifts. Every dollar put toward rewards and gifts is spent on something meaningful and fully appreciated.

What types of gifts can I send?
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Our gifting experts hand-pick gifts ranging from the latest trending products, top subscription services and experiences to luxurious international getaways. Have a gift in mind that isn’t yet available on Snappy? Let us know and we’ll work with you to add it to a gift collection.

How much of my gifting can be automated?
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Pretty much anything! Automate your gifts for holidays, anniversaries, milestones, birthdays, corporate events, employee appreciation weeks, or anything you can think of!

Do you offer gift cards or cash rewards?
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Research shows that physical gifts make a higher positive impact on your team than gift cards or cash rewards. Physical gifts (and experiences) serve as a constant reminder of your appreciation and gratitude for an individual. Meanwhile, over $1 billion of gift cards go unused every year and cash rewards are often used on everyday expenses and quickly forgotten. Check out our Resources page for more info on why Snappy gifts are better than any other.

How do I get my employee information into the Snappy platform?
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It’s easy! You can either upload a secure CSV or connect through one of our HR partners.

How do I add users to Snappy or create another dashboard?
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You can now manage users directly from the Snappy Dashboard. See this guide for instructions.

Can Snappy send out birthday gifts for me?
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Yes, you won’t have to do a thing! Our automated system scans your employee list every day to determine which employees have a birthday. Snappy’s platform sends them a gift with a price-point and gift collection that you choose in advance.

Is my company a good fit for Snappy?
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Probably! Let's talk. We work with businesses of all sizes and have various options to work together. Submit your info on our site and someone from our team will be in touch.

Can I send one-off spot gifts?
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Yep! Every now and then you may want to send a gift to reward exceptional work or celebrate a big win for the team. Using Snappy’s one-off feature, you can log into your dashboard and send a gift in a Snap!

Can I create a custom collection of gifts?
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Our gifts collections are dynamic and update frequently based on popularity, seasonality, new trends and availability. We want to take the work off of your plate by providing great collections that you can easily choose from!

Items will pop in and out of our collections based on the different factors that we listed above. Our Gift Curation team works around the clock to make sure we are always adding new exciting products and to ensure that there is something for everyone. If a recipient doesn't see something they like today, they can check back in a few days and they may see something new that catches their eye!

If you do have a larger event and are hoping to create something more "custom," please reach out to the Client Services team to see what may be possible.

How fast is shipping?
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We know how important it is to receive your gifts as soon as possible. That's why 90%+ of gifts are delivered within a week.

Does Snappy come with reporting tools?
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Our dashboard has robust reporting tools built right in. Not only can you see which gifts were claimed and who claimed them, but you can also view employee Thank You Notes. A perfect way to gauge sentiment and appreciation!

What are the criteria to qualify as a Small Business on the Snappy platform?
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Snappy defines a Small Business as a company that is privately owned with fewer than 50 employees. The company must also self-identify their brand as a small business. Distributors and retailers are not eligible for consideration.

How does Snappy define Sustainability in a brand?
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To earn a Sustainable label on our platform, a retail brand must satisfy at least 2 of the following criteria: 

  • Sustainably source at least half of their materials (or ingredients) 
  • Commit to producing their products responsibly from a transparent supply chain where employees receive the minimum wage or higher
  • Donate at least 1% of proceeds to an environmental cause
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