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Happiness is a one-of-a-kind ROI

Snappy is trusted by thousands of leading companies.
of employees who receive recognition trust leadership more
of employees say recognition improves their engagement
work harder when they’re shown appreciation
Logos: Salesforce, ebay, Microsoft, Meta, Uber, zynga, zoom, T-Mobile, Luxotica.Logos: Salesforce, ebay, Microsoft, Meta, Uber, zynga, zoom, T-Mobile, Luxotica.
“We care deeply about our employees at TaskRabbit and Snappy really helps us live our core values by allowing us to recognize milestones, life events and stellar performance!”
Saralynn Malott
Saralynn Malott, Head of People, TaskRabbit
"Our employee survey shows wellness and morale have jumped over the past two years since launching Snappy. We can see that people are happier and they feel really taken care of."
Megan Murphy
Megan Murphy, Executive Assistant, Salesforce
“Snappy makes it super easy to put together a program that is both rewarding and meaningful. We love working with their team!”
Samantha Eisner
Samantha Eisner, Employee Experience, The Knot