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✨ The Swag Summer Lookbook is Here!

The employee & client gifting experts

Reward employees and customers with ease - send gift choices and let them pick their favorite.
Snappy gifts and happy people
Trusted by 1,000s of leading organizations

For the sender:

Choose what to send
Send a gift collection, branded swag, or mix them together. You can also send an Experience or a single gift for those times when you know exactly what to give.
Customize the experience
Select a unique digital unwrapping experience. Add your logo, personal greeting or video, and send via email, text, or link. No address needed.
Relax and feel the love
Track gift status, view insights, and see top gift choices. Receive thank you notes from happy recipients.

For the recipient:

Delivered straight to their inbox
Your personal greeting sent via email, text, or shared link.
They pick the gift they want
They shake a snow globe, go on a digital gift hunt, scratch off a virtual scratcher or one of the many other options you can select for them from a library of digital unwrapping experiences.
They feel the love
They choose their favorite item from the collection you sent, enter in their shipping info., type in their thank you note, and kick back while we ship their gift!
Build a culture of appreciation and gratitude
Join the 47% of Fortune 100 companies that trust Snappy to create impactful gifting programs for their employees, customers, and prospects.
Our employee survey shows wellness and morale have jumped over the past two years since launching Snappy.
Megan Murphy
We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback since implementing Snappy at PepsiCo.
Elina Feldman
Recipients love that they can pick their own gift. I like that there's an array of options to choose from that you might actually want.
Dayna Doroshow
Trusted by 1,000s of leading organizations

Strategic gifting solutions

Create a culture of gratitude and appreciation with our dedicated onboarding team and comprehensive support from our gifting experts.

Seamless integrations

Top-tier security

Targeted customer gifting plans

A one-stop shop for gifting

Snappy is the award-winning, all-in-one gifting company helping spread joy, share gratitude, and take all the guesswork out of gift giving.

Shipping always included

Only the best brands

Physical and digital gifts for 200+ countries

Swag reimagined

Branded gifts are the perfect way to show pride in your organization. From new-hire onboarding and company celebrations, to conferences and events - gift the perfect Swag for any occasion!

On Demand

Bulk Swag

Branded Kits

Automate happiness
Automate your corporate reward and incentives programs with easy-to-use Snappy integrations.
Snappy for Slack
With simplified notifications directly in Slack, recipients will never miss a gift, ensuring each one leaves a lasting impression.
Slack Logo
Effortlessly integrated
Use real-time data from your HR system and CRM to automate your recognition program and create a magical employee experience.
Connect +5,000 apps to Snappy with Zapier
Snappy for Salesforce
Celebrate customer milestones, measure ROI and deepen relationships by sending gifts to customers directly in Salesforce.