Brand Guidelines

We’ve created some guidelines to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo, content and trademarked character - Snappy.

Visual Brand Guidelines

View the full guidelines including logo usage, color palette, type fonts and brand characteristics.

Logo Family

Our logo system makes use of 4 different marks. In general, our primary logo should be used in most cases. Our secondary logo can be used in designs that require a stacked composition. Our Brandmark and Wordmark should only be used in specific circumstances - please refer to the guidelines.
Snappy primary logo
Primary Logo
Snappy Secondary Logo
Secondary Logo
Snappy brandmark
Snappy wordmark

Snappy Mascot

More than a mascot, Snappy is the personification of why we do what we do: share the joy of giving. He is synonymous with our brand and his presence is everywhere across brand touchpoints that connect with our customers, partners, and gift recipients. Contact our marketing team for Snappy Assets
Snappy friends