Snappy API: Explore the endless gifting possibilities

Send physical gifts via API, no address required.

Real-world applications of Snappy API

Employee Appreciation
Boost employee recognition programs
Customer Loyalty
Enhance engagement and retention
Gamification Rewards
Motivate and drive positive behaviors
Business Intelligence
Gain insights into gifting trends and impacts
Developer friendly APIs

Sandbox for testing

Multiple authentication methods

Robust error handling

Webhooks for real-time gift status updates

Achieve peak efficiency and unmatched security

Enterprise Scalable
Designed for large enterprises to maintain peak performance without compromise
Top-tier protocols and encryption for data protection
Easy Implementation
Supported by detailed documentation and dedicated assistance for easy set-up
Flexible Customization
Personalize your gifting strategy from triggers to workflows

At Snappy, we believe in the power of a well-timed, meaningful gift.

Our integrations are more than tools, they are a suite of comprehensive solutions designed to elevate your gifting strategy, ensuring a seamless, secure, and personalized experience.
Whether your focus is on employee appreciation, customer loyalty, gamification, or insightful business intelligence, Snappy is your ideal partner in creating moments of joy and appreciation.