Boost Employee Engagement with Video Greetings from Snappy

We’re excited to announce Snappy’s latest feature - Video Greetings! As the pandemic passes 18 months, it’s never been more important to make people feel special when you haven’t had the chance to see them in person. We hope our new feature strengthens connections, increases employee engagement, and adds even more meaning to the Snappy gifting experience. 

Whether it’s a heartfelt video from the CEO to celebrate the holidays or a fun JibJab to celebrate your colleague’s birthday, a video greeting is sure to take the gifting experience to the next level and put a smile on anyone's face. 

And adding a video greeting is super easy! Just record your video, upload it to the Snappy Dashboard, and send it off to your recipients along with a gift. Once the lucky recipients reveal their gift, they’ll see your video message next to their featured gift!

This amazing new feature is now available for all Snappy Dashboard users and we’ve even included a built-in tour to show you how to upload your video greetings if you need any help. As an added bonus, here are 10 quick tips on recording great videos!

Login to your Snappy Dashboard and get started today or if you’d like to learn more about Snappy, just click here to reach out!

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