7 Sustainable Employee Appreciation Ideas

Whether you’re looking for Earth Day gift options or unique eco-friendly gifts, here are 7 sustainable gift ideas we know your recipients will love - along with a little product description from the brand itself!

Being aware of the environment should go beyond celebrating Earth Day. At Snappy, we have tons of great sustainable gifts for environmentally conscious people. Giving a sustainable gift goes beyond something that can be reused and recycled – which is why we’ve compiled 7 tips for great sustainable gifts!

  1.  Gift a fun experience
    Giving someone a gift they can pick out themselves lowers their chance of returning it down to less than 1%! But what if their gift wasn’t just something physical, but a memorable experience they’ll look forward to? In the last 2 years, we’ve shifted into joining more virtual events – and digital experiences are no different. You can book a cooking class, virtual escape room, or craft night – the possibilities are endless.
  1. Plant a tree 
    Did you know that you can help the environment, help build a local community, and keep someone employed with just a few clicks? We’ve partnered with ForestNation and through donation gifts, customers ended up getting over 53,000 trees planted!
  1. Make a Donation 
    Sometimes the best gift of all is making a difference in the lives of others. Making charitable donations to organizations you know will benefit others makes an impact in ways we may not imagine. From Make-A-Wish to helping those affected in Ukraine, there’s always a reason to give the gift of compassion to make someone’s day.
  1. Send sustainable gifts
    We strive to make Snappy a more sustainable business from our partners to the gifts our curation team selected. That’s why we have our very own Sustainability Collection – full of gifts that are reusable, low-impact on the environment, and are sourced from partners who use sustainable practices, ingredients, and materials.
  1. Support Underrepresented Businesses
    At Snappy, we believe in supporting underrepresented businesses and actively partner with over 270 businesses owned by PoC and LGBTQ+ communities.. In addition, Snappy offers over 400 products in our collections sourced from under-represented communities and business owners. Each gift sent from these partners directly impacts them and their respective communities.
  1. Bring out their green thumb
    Studies show that taking care of plants benefits mental and emotional health, why not send someone a gift that brings them smiles every day? From gardening tools to flowers to herb garden kits, you can give someone a gift that keeps giving!
  1. Get them moving
    The last few years have been pretty tough when it comes to being active. Working from home and closed fitness centers really put a damper on almost everyone’s physical activity. Now that things are opening up, give your recipients a boost with a gift that’ll keep them active from the Health and Wellness Collection - there’s so much to choose from between yoga mats to smartwatches!

Start sending Sustainable Corporate Gifts with Snappy

Choosing the right gift is hard – giving someone the gift of choice makes it easy. With sustainable gift options, you’ll be able to guide your recipients in a great direction to make an impact and make their day. To learn more about Snappy’s sustainability efforts, check out our Sustainable Gift Guide, and if you’re a customer who’s ready to send some earth-friendly gifts, check out our Sustainability Collection today!

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