Snappy + Medallia

Mix the magic of Snappy gifts with the power of a world-class experience management solution to appreciate and motivate call center agents.

Appreciation Simplified

Connect customer feedback directly with your rewards program and automatically send  gifts that delight.

Motivate Agents to Improve Performance

Use real-time feedback and the power of gifting to recognize employees, reinforce great work, celebrate wins, create incentive programs, and more!

Increase Agent Retention

Automatically send gifts based on customer feedback, without the hassle of managing fulfillment.

Save Time Fulfilling Rewards to your Agents

Set up the Snappy + Medallia integration, reward campaigns, and let Snappy do the rest - from finding the right gifts to shipping and handling.

What Customers are Saying

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Jack Lorentzen
Customer Experience Manager | Brooklinen
“Snappy & Medallia have completely streamlined the gift-giving process for our agents. They feel appreciated, our customers feel empowered to reward them, and no time is wasted in the process!”

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