How Snappy works.

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A digital gift like no other.

Snappy makes the giving process simple and the receiving experience delightful. Using the Snappy dashboard, admins can send one-off gifts or automate long-term campaigns of any size, where every gift feels personalized and every recipient feels recognized.

Here’s how it works:


They receive a surprise in their inbox.

It’s their first day, their birthday, their anniversary, their job well done—whatever the reason, they’ll open their inbox feeling recognized, wearing a smile.

They experience the best part... the reveal!

Recipients are invited to “open” their digital gift with a fun scratch-and-reveal experience that brings a moment of wonder through the screen.

They choose their gift.

Recipients can accept their suggested gift or choose from a curated list of other great product options from the best brands out there.

It’s immediately shipped.

Snappy connects to top retailers and brands, so once a gift is selected it's shipped to the recipient's address of choice anywhere in the world.

Experience it for yourself.
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