Zoom Spreads Smiles with Snappy’s Employee Engagement Platform

“With Snappy, I know we're creating long-lasting cross-departmental relationships because we are giving people a way to recognize others for outstanding contributions and we're making it fast, easy, and fun.”
Austin Martin, ABM & Head of “Happy Crew” | Zoom
Company Size:

Large Enterprise


Information Technology Service

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United States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, India, Mexico, Canada, Israel, and Australia

The Company |

Zoom has become one of the biggest corporate success stories of 2020 as virtual meetings have become an essential part of work, school, and even entertainment for many people during the pandemic. Thanks to their partnership with Snappy since June 2019, Zoom was equipped with an easy-to-use and fun employee recognition platform that was built for scale as their team grew exponentially. Now with over 6000 employees,  Zoom has seen tremendous benefits in using Snappy to recognize and reward team members globally.  

Austin Martin, who joined Zoom in 2018 as an Account-Based Marketing Program Manager, is not only a marketing superstar but also heads Zooms “Happy Crew." The crew is formed of around 200 volunteers from within the company who come together to spread happiness to their teams globally. The crew does many things, from hosting digital social events to volunteering efforts to sending recognition. Since Zooms mantra is to deliver happiness, it was only fitting that their Happy Crew partnered with Snappy to spread smiles.

The Challenge |
Starting from Scratch

When Austin first joined Zooms Happy Crew, he noticed there wasn’t a real system in place to send gifts internally. “There was no process, there was no structure, there was no easy way to do it,” Austin explained. Before Snappy, Zoom primarily used gift cards to reward their teams; however, it was hard to track and didn’t seem very personable. “Nothing says, 'I really don't care about you, but thanks!’ like a gift card,” Austin described. “We wanted a service to make it easy to deliver recognition and make someone else feel really good.  

In comes Snappy, which prides itself on making the corporate gifting experience fun again while allowing admins to send thousands of gifts in the click of a button.

The Solution |
The Perfect Fit

Zoom started using Snappy at a single office but has now expanded Snappy to their offices across the world. Zoom has created more than 50 different gifting campaigns through Snappy to send rewards frictionlessly to employees not only for doing a great job, but also for company-wide events such as Zoomtopia Winners, Zoom-o-ween, Mother’s Day, Father's Day, Holiday game-winners, and more!

They also recently launched Happy Desk, where people can add in nominations, and the Happy Crew Committee will send one-off Snappy gifts to winners! Team members that receive a Snappy gift get to choose their favorite reward from a curated list of products, which is regularly refreshed with new suppliers and the latest must-have items.  

Not only are gift recipients happy, but so is the Happy Crew! Snappy enables them to track their international gifting efforts from one easy-to-use platform.

“As a large corporation, Snappy helps with compliance with FPGA and reporting because all the gifting we do internally is located in one unified source,” explained Austin. “I can just download a CSV file once a quarter and give that to our tax team. It takes me 30 seconds, and it's done. It’s super trackable.”

The Results |
Smiles and Savings

Snappy helps Zoom turbocharge employee engagement and team success. “The thank-you notes that come after someone redeems a Snappy gift are pure gold,” says Austin, who highlights the value of having this instant feedback from recipients as a key benefit of the Snappy platform.  

Snappy allows Zoom to automate and measure their gifting process, saving them time and money while making their workplace happier. “From an administrative standpoint, Snappy has saved us hundreds of hours per quarter,” Austin said.

Since launching Snappy, they've sent thousands of gifts globally and achieved a whopping 89% claim rate! With all these gifts being sent, one would assume that costs have risen. Quite the contrary. Zoom actually saves money using Snappy. Since its launch, Snappy has saved Zoom thousands of hours of admin work. With Snappy’s transparent pricing structure, Zoom only pays for the gifts their team actually receives, unlike some platforms that charge a budgeted fee or gift cards, which are easy to forget about and are pre-paid even if they are not redeemed. Austin also calls out the amazing customer service at Snappy as an unexpected bonus: “I like the whole Snappy team the most,” he said. ”The team at Snappy is not only a support function, but they help us solve a problem and make people happy.”  

By using Snappy, Zoom is able to organize and track their reward program in a way that the Happy Crew finds easy to use while making their global team smile and feel appreciated. “We’ve seen the use of Snappy spike up thousands of percent over the last 18 months,” Austin said. “Things are moving very quickly at Zoom, and people don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to recognition, so giving them a solution that is fast and easy is a huge win.”

The results have been so positive that Zoom has already launched more than 50 different gifting campaigns and is planning to add additional programs as they come on-stream. Happy employees do great work, and that delivers happy customers. It’s a virtuous circle that’s good for people and good for business.

Try Snappy for yourself and envision its impact on your people.

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