How Tillamook Utilizes Snappy to Turbocharge Employee Recognition

“Snappy has definitely increased our overall employee recognition. Our employees love it, our managers love it, and it just fits perfectly with our company.”
Abby Carroll, Manager of Benefits and Rewards | Tillamook
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Medium Enterprise

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United States

The Company |

Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA) is a farmer-owned co-op that prides itself on its commitment to creating a climate of inclusion where all employees have an opportunity to contribute, feel valued and have a sense of belonging.

As a Manager of Benefits and Well-Being at Tillamook, Abby Carroll was looking for a way to reward their remote and in-person team of around 1000 employees. TCCA partnered with Snappy in July 2019. Since then, they have seen a tremendous boost in employee recognition and engagement.

The Challenge |
Searching for a Digital Solution

Before Snappy, TCCA offered physical branded swag items, however, it was tough to reward everyone at scale. TCCA was looking for a service to make it easy to demonstrate genuine care and deliver tokens of appreciation to their team whether remote, working in an office, or in the plant. Abby said, “We were trying to find a way to enhance our recognition programs so that all our employees could participate.” In comes Snappy, which prides itself on making the corporate gifting experience fun again while allowing admins to send gifts departmentally or to individuals for doing a great job with the click of a button.

TCCA partnered with Snappy to frictionlessly send gifts to their team digitally and still empower their recipients to pick a physical gift while Snappy manages the shipping and handling.

The Solution |
The Perfect Fit

Tillamook started using Snappy for one campaign, but the results have been so positive they have since expanded to several more campaigns including High 5 and the Extra Sharp Employee of the Month program.

Recipients get to choose their favorite gift from a curated collection of high-quality gifts that are delivered straight to their doorstep, no matter where they are located. With Snappy, all you need is the recipient’s email address or phone number, and the platform handles the rest. Not only are gift recipients happy, but so are the administrators! Snappy enables them to easily track their gifting efforts from one easy-to-use platform.

Abby says, “Culture is really important to us; both in our company and in our cheese! We love the flexibility Snappy offers. It’s an easy platform for administrators to use and lets recipients pick something they really want.”

The Results |
Great experiences. Great results.

Since launching Snappy, TCCA has sent over 3,000 gifts! Abby says, “Snappy has definitely increased our overall employee recognition. Our employees love it, our managers love it, and it just fits perfectly with our company.”

Snappy helps TCCA turbocharge employee engagement and team success. “We measure success with Snappy through the employee thank you notes. I love that they can leave a comment on their gift,” says Abby who highlights the value of having this instant feedback from recipients as a key benefit of the Snappy platform.

The response to Snappy has been so positive that Abby sees TCCA using Snappy for even more campaigns in the future. Abby says, “Snappy has really helped us continue to support our shared values and recognize employees that are living those values. We love our team, and we love Snappy.”

Try Snappy for yourself and envision its impact on your people.

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