How PepsiCo Utilizes Snappy to Increase Intern Retention

“We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback since implementing Snappy at PepsiCo. At our end-of-summer survey, over 90% of our interns said they enjoyed their Snappy gift.”
- Elina Feldman, Manager, Campus Programs & Operations | PepsiCo
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Looking for examples of how to cultivate a successful internship program? Look no further than PepsiCo. With the help of Snappy, the PepsiCo campus team has mastered sending gifts and premium branded swag at scale to interns across the world.

We spoke to Elina Feldman, a Campus Programs & Operations Manager at PepsiCo, to learn more about how she utilizes Snappy for PepsiCo’s summer internship program and morale-boosting initiatives. Here’s her Snappy story:

The Challenge |
Searching for a Digital Solution

Ever-Changing Shipping Addresses

Elina noted one of the biggest gifting challenges before switching to Snappy was keeping track of interns' most up-to-date shipping addresses. 

“We have over 1,000 interns that join us annually at PepsiCo," Elina says. “Some of our interns were living on campus but would complete their internship at their parents' house or another location, so it got messy trying to get them their gifts. It became a huge strain on our team.”


Not only was tracking addresses difficult, but shipping the gifts to each recipient was costly. 

Elina recalls being heavily nickel and dimed for drop shipping to locations across the world. This means each gift would end-up costing PepsiCo significantly more than its retail price, making it difficult to budget and stick to a consistent price point.  

Avoiding Disappointment

Before Snappy, Elina and her team had to choose the gifts themselves, which was time consuming and impossible to get right 100% of the time.

“It was really difficult to find something everyone would use and enjoy,” Elina says.

And then Elina discovered Snappy, which prides itself on giving recipients the perfect gift every time while allowing admins to send one gift to thousands of gifts within seconds.

The Solution |
Cost Savings and Happier Recipients


Snappy makes organizing the complex process of gift giving as simple as possible. Snappy and PepsiCo worked together to customize and automate dynamic gift campaigns for every initiative, saving countless hours of administrative work. That means Elina gains valuable time to focus on other responsibilities, while ensuring PepsiCo’s interns feel recognized and appreciated.

“Snappy makes sending gifts easy! The fact that we don’t have to think about shipping anymore is huge,” Elina says. “All we have to do is upload our recipients’ email addresses, and the rest is taken care of.”

Budget Friendly

With all these gifts being sent through Snappy, one would assume that costs have risen. Quite the contrary. Snappy has saved PepsiCo an estimated $17,000 on their annual internship program budget, not to mention hours of admin work. 

With Snappy’s transparent pricing structure, PepsiCo no longer has to pay for drop shipping and handling costs. They also only pay for the gifts their team actually receives, unlike some platforms that charge a budgeted fee or gift cards, which are easy to forget about and are pre-paid even if they are not redeemed. 

“The fact that we are way under budget than in previous years is huge. We can use that money to host a big event on campus or something fun like that to drive even more engagement,” says Elina.

The Gift of Choice

Not only are PepsiCo admins happier but so are gift recipients! “At our end-of-summer survey, over 90% of our interns said they enjoyed their Snappy gift,” Elina says. “In the thank you notes we receive, people specifically call out that they really enjoy being able to choose their own gift from a selection of top-quality options.”

Elina also mentions Snappy’s impressive selection of gift collections, including premium branded items, as a huge perk.

Elina says, “The quality of the branded items in Snappy’s collection is awesome. I regularly wear a PepsiCo branded sweatshirt from the Pride Campaign we ran through Snappy, and it is the softest in my closet! Utilizing Snappy for branded items makes it super convenient so we don’t need to store it ourselves and ship it to campus events. Snappy sends it right to the recipient’s doorstep, and our interns get really jazzed about it!” 

The Results |
Amplified Wellness and Morale

Snappy helps PepsiCo amplify intern morale and increase retention. 

“All we have to do is upload a spreadsheet with names and email addresses, and the rest is taken care of. That’s huge from an admin perspective, and our recipient’s are so appreciative. Our interns are on cloud nine when they receive the link with their gifts. I think Snappy has really helped strengthen relationships, and more importantly, show our appreciation for all their hard work,” says Elina, who highlights the ease of use and positive feedback from recipients as a critical benefit of the Snappy platform. 

Since launching Snappy, they’ve sent thousands of gifts globally and achieved a high engagement rate! In fact, 93% of people who were sent a Snappy gift from PepsiCo chose an item they loved!

By using Snappy, PepsiCo has seen a spike in overall team energy and morale which has led to happier employees. “We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback since implementing Snappy at PepsiCo,” Elina says. 

The results have been so positive that PepsiCo has expanded to even more departments, including Talent Acquisition, Talent Management & Organizational Development, Team Rewards, Growth and many more! 

Elina says, “Snappy is so unique and really helped increase engagement. We are so excited to see what else Snappy continues to roll out in the future.”

Snappy team members:

Elana Kathein: Director of Client Partnerships

Emily Dart: Client Partner Director

Louis Ballard: Team Lead, Customer Success

Try Snappy for yourself and envision its impact on your people.

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