How Luxfer Uses Snappy to Boost Morale

“Snappy has elevated our level of employee engagement. Our team is feeling the love and the appreciation and we're looking forward to rolling out more gifts each month.”
- Krista Werne, Human Resources Generalist | Luxfer Magtech
Company Size :

Medium Enterprise

Industry :

Defense & Space

Location(s) :

United States, Canada

The Company |

Luxfer is a global highly engineered industrial materials company specializing in the innovation and manufacture of materials and components for transportation, defense and emergency response, healthcare and general industrial applications. 

Krista Werne is a Human Resource Generalist at Luxfer Magtech, a division that is the global leader in flameless heating technology, magnesium products, and specialty powders. 

Krista was looking for a way to reward their team and decided to partner with Snappy in 2018. Since then, they have seen a tremendous boost in team morale and employee engagement.

The Challenge |
Starting From Scratch

Although Krista and her team always went above and beyond, they were looking for an easy-to-use and fun employee reward platform to make their team feel extra appreciated. 

In comes Snappy, which prides itself on making the corporate gifting experience fun again while allowing admin to easily send gifts in the click of a button. “Snappy has been a really big deal and has been very well received,” Krista explained. “We've got people who have been at Luxfer for 45 years and this is the first time they've had any sort of reward.”

The Solution |
The Perfect Fit

Luxfer started using Snappy for Employee Appreciation Day gifts but has since expanded to include Service Anniversary, One-off, Safety Committee, and Holiday gift campaigns. Luxfer has even expanded Snappy to nine different divisions throughout the company.

Team members that receive a Snappy gift get to choose their favorite gift from a curated collection of high-quality gifts that are delivered straight to their doorstep.

“It’s fun to hear people talk back and forth about which gift they want to pick,” Krista said. “Snappy is making a big impact on team morale and creating a fun buzz around the office.”

Not only are gift recipients happy, but so are the administrators! Snappy enables them to easily track their gifting efforts from one easy-to-use platform.

Krista says, “It’s really nice to have everything on one dashboard. Snappy makes it easy to put everything in a spreadsheet and upload it. It’s really helpful.”

The Results |
Great experiences. Great results

Since partnering with Snappy, Luxfer has sent hundreds and hundreds of gifts and has seen a huge boost in employee engagement.

“Snappy has elevated our level of employee engagement,” Krista said. “Our team is feeling the love and the appreciation and we're looking forward to rolling out more gifts each month.”

Krista also found Snappy’s user experience and customer service to be top-notch: “I’d rate Snappy a ten out of ten,” she said. “The dashboard is really easy to use and the Snappy team is always quick to respond to emails. It's been a really great experience.”

Krista also noted Snappy’s transparent pricing structure being a huge benefit. Luxfer only pays for the gifts their team actually receives, unlike some platforms that charge a ‘budgeted fee’ or gift cards, which are easy to forget about and are pre-paid even if they are not redeemed. “I think it's nice that Snappy gifts are curated within specific price points so they can pick something in our budget or even a little less, depending on what the individual actually wants,” Krista said.

The response to Snappy has been so positive that Luxfer is planning to add even more gifting campaigns including Safety Committee gifts to reward their staff for meeting safety goals. Happy employees do great work, and that delivers happy customers. It’s a virtuous circle that’s good for people and good for business.

Try Snappy for yourself and envision its impact on your people.

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