Your budget planner for Snappy gifting!


Gift budget

When sending a gift, you will be asked to select the gift budget and the number of recipients. Once recipients claim their gift, the final gift cost, fee and tax will be determined and detailed on your monthly invoices.


Estimated tax

The final taxes will be charged based on the final cost of the product and the shipping location of the gift. For international sends please add an additional 10% to the gift budget as VAT rates are higher than US sales tax.


A 7% service fee

Includes the utilization of Snappy’s platform to send gifts, the ability to view/download reports, the fulfillment of gifts, order processing, and full dedicated customer support for recipients.

Gift Budget
Number of Recipients
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10% estimated tax
Final taxes are calculated when recipients enter delivery addresses. We credit any savings to your balance so you can send more gifts.
7% service fee

Your Funding Source Budget


Sometimes it’s hard to accurately estimate the number of recipients in advance, so we suggest adding 5-10% to your budget as an additional buffer, to account for last minute additions to campaigns.

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