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De-lightful Diwali gift ideas for employees and clients

Dedicated to helping you show appreciation on every occasion to every employee, customer, or client - we've just launched our 2022 Diwali gifts collection. The collection was curated by our team of gifting experts, and features thoughtful Diwali gifts that any recipient will love to choose from.

Coming up on October 24th, Diwali, knows as the festival of light, is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in Indian culture. It is observed by more than a billion people worldwide from a variety of faiths including Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs.

It's a very bright and positive celebration and for businesses, is a great opportunity to delight clients and employees with thoughtful gifts, showing appreciation for them and their culture. With gift-giving being notably one of the many cheerful customs associated with Diwali, not only is this a way to strengthen professional relationships, but it’s also a meaningful loyalty-building gesture.

Appreciate employees with a thoughtful surprise

Because it isn’t as widely celebrated in the United States as other popular cultural employee gift-giving holidays, American employees are unlikely to expect their employers to give them a Diwali gift. This means that employers have a great opportunity to delight employees who celebrate the occasion with a surprise gift. 

Not only will this demonstrate your recognition of your employees’ culture, something that can be deeply meaningful, but it also shows your appreciation for them as both an employee and an individual. 

Strengthen client bonds

Client gifting is a common practice in the business world, used to keep companies top of mind while strengthening working relationships. And while some companies limit their gifting to the winter holiday season, it can be just as - or even more impactful - to send gifts for other holidays, as well.

Sending clients a Diwali gift can demonstrate your commitment to showing your clients that you care about them also on a more personal level. 

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Get every special occasion right with Snappy

Sending employees and clients gifts for the holidays they celebrate is a thoughtful gesture that helps you form stronger bonds and better working relationships. But it can be challenging to keep up with all of the gifting occasions throughout the year, especially when you have a large workforce or client base. 

That’s where Snappy comes in. A gifting solution created to help businesses send bulk gifts without losing the personal touch, Snappy makes it easy to gift for all of the special occasions that your professional contacts might celebrate. This way, you can continually spread joy with ease, no matter your business’s budget or size.

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