Snappy + Salesforce

Celebrate customer milestones and deepen relationships by sending gifts to customers directly in Salesforce.
Logos: Salesforce, ebay, Microsoft, Meta, Uber, zynga, zoom, T-Mobile, Luxotica.Logos: Salesforce, ebay, Microsoft, Meta, Uber, zynga, zoom, T-Mobile, Luxotica.

Empower your team

With Snappy for Salesforce, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, you can combine the power of both platforms and allow your team to send meaningful gifts that forge lasting customer relationships.
Snappy for Salesforce: Send screen
Build trust and loyalty while staying on budget

Analyze and Learn

Snappy for Salesforce helps your team track the status of gifts and gauge the return on your gifting investment with custom reports to help you build appreciation programs that work for you!
Snappy for Salesforce: Contact screen
Send gifts directly through Salesforce in a few clicks

Create Memorable Experiences

Sending gifts with Salesforce allows your team to make an impression when it means the most and opens the door to new ways to celebrate customer birthdays and anniversaries, onboarding, referrals, and more!
Snappy for Salesforce: Reports screen
Track gift status and analyze your return on gifting with custom reporting

Easily connect to the tools your team uses every day.

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