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March 31, 2021

PO’s management in style!

4 New Features / 4 Bug Fixes / 6 Improvements

One release after another, we aim to make Snappy’s dashboard smarter, faster, and easier to use. With the new purchase order page, we’ve wrapped all those fine qualities into one feature.

What’s New?

  • Self Served purchase order page - allowing users full management of their PO’s combined with automated approval of our finance team (March 25th)

March 15, 2021

A focus on the internal system

2 New Features / 0 Bug Fixes / 9 Improvements

The upcoming release in the next quarter will be big. So on this release we entered into maintenance mode and focused on our internal system.

What’s New?

  • Internal system improvements - allowing our  operation team the ability of better control in the process orders area  (March 10th)

February 28, 2021

“Bull's Eye”

2 New Features / 1 Bug Fixes / 6 Improvements

The second release of the month was dedicated to 2 features that took us one more step towards customer’s customisation. Small things that make a big difference.

What’s New?

  • Immediate launch of campaigns - allowing all the perks of scheduled campaigns, such of gift & email design and sending to a big group of recipients – in an instant send (February 23rd) 
  • Customised user disclaimer - the company can add a sentence for its recipients to mark before claiming the gift (February 26th)

February 15, 2021

“First you harmonize, then you customize”

4 New Features / 1 Bug Fixes / 6 Improvements

This release was focused on the special needs of customisation. Our company's vision is to have a specific workspace per account. In each account, the gifts and the management will be customised upon the manager’s needs.

What’s New?

  • Major improvement for Outlook emails (February 1st) 
  • Better gift tracking, with tracking number and delivery link (February 2nd) 
  • Resend gift option for SMS gifts (February 8th) 
  • Modify your Emails for all campaign types (February 8th) 
  • Gift customisation by account- different accounts inside the company may modify their gift! (February 11th)

January 31, 2021

The Butterfly Effect

5 New Features / 3 Bug Fixes / 7 Improvements

Our plans for the first quarter are starting to get shape in the back end of our system. We understand the importance of personalised accounts and improving our system to allow you as much flexibility as possible.

What’s New?

  • Gif image in the gift email (January 20th) 
  • Confirmation email for password change (January 26th)

January 15, 2021

Wind of Change

6 New Features / 3 Bug Fixes / 10 Improvements

Big changes are in the air. The team is laying the groundwork for big announcements to be unveiled in mid-Q1. Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store: an updated UI, new capabilities and so much more! But, that’s all we can reveal – for now. 😉

What’s New?

  • 2 step verification for entering the Gift App (January 6th) 
  • Generating Reports per campaign & in Invoice page (January 13th)

December 31, 2020

Big Plans for the Future

9 New Features / 3 Bug Fixes / 6 Improvements

As our customers are getting their holiday gifts and the campaigns are reaching their peak, the Snappy team is hard at work putting the final touches on next year’s roadmap.

What’s New?

  • Download recipients file per account (December 17th) 
  • Gift claim verification - preventing unauthorised users to claim someone else's gift. (December 17th) 

December 15, 2020

Work it Harder, Make it Better

13 New Features / 7 Bug Fixes / 10 Improvements

These releases focused on reinforcing the “Snappers”, our success and support team. The people behind the scenes who work hard to make sure every present will reach its destination.

What’s New?

  • Small UI change in campaign’s “edit” page - The sending details includes the time (December 1st) 
  • Special request- customized budget feature (December 2nd) 
  • New email notification, will alert customers close to their budget quota (December 7th)

November 30, 2020

The Final Countdown

24 New Features / 20 Bug Fixes / 12 Improvements

As the holiday campaigns are kicking in and Snappy faces huge volumes as never seen before, this release was dedicated to the final finishes of our main goal: Allowing our customers to enjoy a great user experience while putting a smile on the gift recipients’ faces.

What’s New?

  • Hints were added to the support forms (November 17th) 
  • Allowing users automatically replace gifts in case that the selected once will turn to  be unavailable (November 18th) 
  • UI improvements for digital gifts (November 19th)
  • Tagging accounts for clearer view in the budget management reports (November 25th)

November 15, 2020

Time to stock up

14 New Features / 9 Bug Fixes / 5 Improvements

The holidays are knocking at the door and our main concern, at this time, is to make sure that the chosen gifts will be delivered as fast as possible. For this reason, this release has been dedicated to cover as many "stock" gaps as possible, to allow our customers to enjoy their chosen gifts on time.

What’s New?

  • You can now have multiple campaigns with the same name in different accounts within one company (November 4th)
  • Budget Management - set and track a budget on the account level and ensure you have full control over your expenditure (November 4th)
  • Added a search bar in Users permission page - no more scrolling! (November 4h)
  • SSO configuration - you can now configure your own SSO integration directly from the Dashboard (November 5th)
  • Upload a recipients file (CSV/Excel) directly from the Send a Gift page (November 6th)
  • Improve scheduled campaign start date for better visibility (November 7th)
  • New “Employee ID” filter in the Recipients page (November 11th)
  • New default holiday animation in for scheduled holiday campaigns (November 12th)

October 31, 2020

Better, Faster, Stronger

8 New Features / 9 Bug Fixes / 18 Improvements

The last release was full of new features, enhancements and options. In these two weeks, we decided to go on maintenance mode and polish some small but critical features that will have a large effect in the upcoming holiday season.

What’s New?

  • Performance improvements to uploading recipients from Excel/CSV, increasing the maximum number of rows in a file (October 22nd)
  • Added phone number column in the Recipients table (October 23rd)
  • Managers are now able to add existing recipients to another Account (October 27th)

October 15, 2020

Power to the People

16 New Features / 5 Bug Fixes / 7 Improvements

Working with Snappy should be easy and feel effortless. As the holidays approach, we made sure our platform will feel more intuitive and to give a lot more customization options and functionality to our users.

What’s New?

  • Save time by importing a recipients file directly to a specific campaign (October 1st)
  • Keeping the element of surprise - a bug that occasionally displayed the price of items in our gift was squashed and terminated (October 1st)
  • Ensuring continuous product updates - backend improvement to ensure we know about any changes, big and small, regarding the gifts in our collections (October 2nd) 
  • Test emails on campaign settings - we make sure you can test your Gift Experience preventing flops on your campaigns (October 5th) 
  • Duplicating Campaigns on Dashboard - prevent unnecessary manual work (October 5th) 
  • Department name field was added to the recipient list on campaign setup page (October 6th) 
  • Tweaked the “Send gift” option to support up to 100 recipients (October 7th)
  • Wintered themed scratch screen (October 8th) 
  • Revised date format across all campaigns for clearer and intuitive view (October 11th) 
  • New Settings page: new design, delete credit card, allow access & share the dashboard via link & much more (October 6th)

September 30, 2020

Winter is coming

13 New Features / 5 Bug Fixes / 8 Improvements

The second half of September was dedicated to polishing the Snappy platform for the upcoming holiday season!

What’s New?

  • Shortcut for creating Holiday campaigns from the Dashboard (September 16th)
  • Improvement to product stock estimation and updates (September 16th)
  • Option to leave a Google review option in the Gift Experience (September 17th)
  • Creating transparency- new confirmation email after launching a campaign (September 21st)
  • Backend enhancement - Specific product search, allowing to add specific gift by users choice even if not in the original collection (September 22nd)
  • Moved the live chat help button in the Dashboard to ensure it doesn't get in the user's way (September 22nd) 
  • Design the gift email - make the Gift Experience much more personalized with complete control over the look and feel of the Snappy gift email. Currently only supported for Scheduled Campaigns, coming soon to all campaign types! (September 22nd)
  • Strengthened security for the user invite URL which now supports JWT (September 30th)

September 15, 2020

En Garde!

10 New Features / 4 Bug Fixes / 5 Improvements / 3 Security Enhancements

This release was focused on improving our security and data protection technology. Securing our customers' data remains the number one priority for us.

What’s New?

  • Advanced Permissions - Allow Owners to control Managers' Dashboard permissions on a highly granular level (September 1st)
  • Style updates and visual improvements in the Gift Experience  and the Dashboard (September 1st) 
  • (Enterprise customers) SSO integration - customers can now integrate their SSO provider with Snappy so that their users can login using single-sign on (September 2nd) 
  • Customers can now associate a manger name and email with each recipient, and then use the manager name as a dynamic field in the gift experience. Make your gifts more personalized and impactful by adding a manager's signature or name to the greeting! (September 10th) 
  • Improvements to how featured products are recommended and displayed to the recipient in our Gift Experience (September 11th) 
  • Easily resend an invitation to the Dashboard - old invites now expire after 14 days to ensure security (September 13th)

August 31, 2020

Small improvements, one giant leap

8 New Features / 7 Bug Fixes / 6 Improvements

These two weeks were dedicated to improvements behind the scenes, all aimed at making sure the platform runs without a hitch.

What’s New?

  • Improvements and upgrades to our Customer Support experience, making our team better able to support all of our recipient's questions and requests (August 19th) 
  • Scale improvements to our ordering and inventory systems (August 24th) 
  • Manager-role userscan now upload, delete and edit recipients in their Account (August 25th)

August 15, 2020

Everything’s on track

11 New Features / 11 Bug Fixes / 7 Improvements

Introducing our brand new gift tracking experience - we know you can't wait to get your gifts, so we built the next best thing.

What’s New?

  • Improve engagement by automatically sending reminder emails for peer-to-peer campaigns (August 5th) 
  • Small UX improvements in the Dashboard that make a big difference - tooltips regarding prices and terminology (August 7th) 
  • Order tracking experience - we know you're curious where your gift is, now you can track it all the way to your home (August 12th)

July 31, 2020

Squashing bugs

8 New Features / 20 Bug Fixes / 14 Improvements

One famous bug once said: With great power comes great responsibility! And Snappy is responsible for fine-tuning and delivering fixes from time to time. Those two weeks were mostly about that, and a little more.

What’s New?

  • Dashboard UX improvements: More visual contrast, allow filtering campaigns by account name, search nominated employees on P2P Insights page (July 16th) 
  • Allow exporting gift links and codes for Owners from the Sent Gifts table (July 16th) 
  • Gift Experience UX improvement - back button from gift details (July 27th)
  • Simplified user management on the Settings page - Allowing to search users by name or email (July 28th) 

July 15, 2020

In the big league

17 New Features / 5 Bug Fixes / 9 Improvements / 2 Security Enhancements

We moved up a gear, on this release we focused to deliver features required for big companies, combined with scaling up our internal systems, making all more efficient and precise.

What’s New?

  • New! Allow recipients to share their Thank You notes on Twitter (July 3rd)
  • Improved performance when generating and exporting reports from the Dashboard (July 5th)
  • Additional question types in  peer-to-peer nomination forms - Single-line, Paragraph, Multiple Choice or Single Choice (July 9th)
  • Browse all our gift collections in one click from the Dashboard (July 10th)
  • Support expiring gifts by date or by number of days after sending (July 10th)
  • Transparency - your Snappy subscription plan is now shown on the dashboard (July 13th) 
  • Allow saving multiple billing emails on Company & Accounts page (July 13th) 
  • Improvements to Gift Design - allow custom logo and signature (July 13th) 

June 30, 2020

Focusing on service

9 New Features / 3 Bug Fixes / 6 Improvements / 1 Security Enhancement

Snappy is constantly evolving to make the experience seamless for both our Admins and our Gift Recipients. In this release, we delivered some big changes to help you manage campaigns more easily.

What’s New?

  • New and improved Product Details page in the Gift Experience (June 23rd)
  • Automatically add recipients to campaigns using rules and filters, instead of adding them manually (June 24th)
  • Refreshed scratch screen for the summer (June 25th)
  • Premium - Sales & Marketing campaign with Chili Piper integration (June 25th)