Snappy’s First Hackathon

Here at Snappy, we love any chance we get to have fun, get creative, and have our ideas be heard.

This week, the Snappy team gathered together virtually for a full-day “Snapathon”, where we collaborated to create the next big idea for the Snappy gift reveal experience. We were broken-up into 12 random groups, so each team could work with colleagues across different departments and countries they normally don’t get to work with day-to-day. 

The Snappy team in Israel preparing for the Snapathon

The Snappy team in Israel and Ukraine kicked-off first, and then the rest of the team kicked off at 9 am EST. After that, everyone had only five hours to work on their ideas, and create the perfect pitch that would be judged by Snappy’s investors and several of our customers. You could tell there was a lot of anticipation in the air as each team worked against the clock to make sure their presentation was ready to go and their demos ran flawlessly. 

The final Zoom meeting of the day was filled with excitement – you could feel the team buzzing as our chat messages flooded with praise after each pitch! The range of “outside the box” ideas was incredibly varied- from fun Snappy-themed games to sentimental greeting cards. 

One team made a Snappy story book

Not only were the ideas amazingly creative, the presentations themselves were anything but boring! One team performed an original Snappy sing-a-long song, another team brought their presentation to life with a virtual storybook, and there were plenty of short music breaks while the judges were calculating their scores!

One team presented their idea with a Snappy sing-a-long

At the end of the day, every idea was a winner! We found the Snapathon was a great way for everyone to take a break from their day-to-day routines, have fun, and create or strengthen their connections to other team members. We believe the Snapathon was the perfect opportunity for our dev team to bring out their very best and for the rest of our team to let their creativity shine. Simply put, we can’t wait for the next Snapathon! 

 Want to be our next Snapathon star? Click here to see our openings!

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