Snappy Dashboard Updates - Feedback is a gift

This year we sent out a few surveys to better understand and improve your Snappy experience, and thanks to our fantastic users, we’ve got some great feedback! While we’ve been heads-down on many upcoming features, we’ve prioritized a few based on the survey results.

Going Global

It's now easier than ever to send gifts around the world! We’ve made a slight update to the collection preview screen within the Snappy Dashboard. There’s now a country flag in the top-right corner of the collection preview screen to indicate the country supported by this collection. This new addition will make it easier for you to send the appropriate collection to your recipients around the world.

These changes add up quickly because it makes the entire process more efficient. By doing so, it reduces confusion and improves accuracy for sending gifts out. As time goes on, The team is going to continue to make international gifting easier and more seamless. Stay tuned for more updates!

Simpler Navigation

We’ve done some sprucing up to make our Dashboard easier to use when you have multiple accounts. Don’t worry! All your info and campaigns are still the same; we’ve just made it easier to find.

The fundamental changes to the Snappy Dashboard are in the Homepage, we’ve removed the Campaigns Carousel, but to make the screen easier to read. You can still easily create a new campaign with the New Campaign button in the top right.

You can now view each Account in your organization separately, making it easier to manage multiple departments or groups. Use the Account dropdown to focus on a specific group within your organization.

We’re always interested in finding new ways to make your experience even better, and thanks to your feedback, these tiny changes add up to a lot of time saved!

We’d love to hear more!

At Snappy, we want to hear what you have to say. We’re open to feedback, comments, questions, and of course, being showered with praise. Click here to get in touch!

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