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At Snappy, we’ve made it our mission to show our love for the planet, the environment, and the people who live in it, by partnering with businesses that both use and provide sustainable products and services. We’re aware of how the smallest change can make big impacts, which is why we’re passionate about sustainability and giving back. We’re so excited to share our ever-growing list of sustainability-focused partners with you! They can be found in our April Snappy Collection and throughout all of our collections year round!

Meet the partners


“We believe that companies have a meaningful role to play in creating a more equitable and sustainable world. We’ve been thrilled to see just how many brands out there are doing the right thing from the start.

But we saw a big problem. Most of these brands are struggling to make it in the sea of traditional retail, where big companies are king. That’s when we saw an opportunity to do things differently. We realized we had the chance to set high standards, build a collective of people working together to help build each other up, and finally favor the little guy.
 And so, we started Hive.

Collectively, we’ve built businesses that changed the way people shop for everyday products using better ingredients, processes, and technology. We’ve been fortunate enough to experience high levels of success while having fun along the way. And we’re ready to help others do the same.”


“Think the Farm to Table trend is only for food? Think again! Your flowers are arranged right on the farm where they are grown and sent directly to your doorstep. We partner with sustainable farms around the globe to provide you with the most beautiful and unique blooms around. Each stem we ship is hand-picked and cut 2-4 days before you receive them, ensuring quality and freshness.

While we love flowers, we appreciate how they are grown and the people who grow them even more! That’s why we only partner with Rainforest Alliance certified farms, meaning that no toxic chemicals are involved in the fertilization for our flowers and the flower farm workers are treated fairly. Because we work directly with the farms, they are able to enjoy far better profit margins, leading to better working conditions for their employees and more opportunity to grow.”


“Revased sends eco friendly-flowers, reduces waste, and gives back to others. Like most businesses, COVID-19 caused us to change the ways we operate. Before the pandemic, we upcycled flowers from events, giving a “second life” to beautiful blooms for our customers and non-profits. With events now mostly canceled, we started looking more into the floral supply chain. We began to understand how wasteful the traditional process can be, with as many as 50% of cut stems often discarded before they are even purchased! We have now found a new way to source eco-friendly flowers. We now work directly with sustainable-minded farms to source our flowers for both our customers and non-profits. As the majority of cut flowers in the US come from South America, we work with farms both there and in the US. We ship most of our flowers farm-direct, an eco-friendly shipping method that reduces carbon emissions through bypassing an often long shipping process, reduces the total number of stems being cut, and supports farms!”

3-19 Coffee

3-19 Coffee started out of a passion for purpose, people, and delicious coffee. Based in Oakland, CA,  we're committed to the coffee, how we get it and the way it's roasted. We highlight and bring out the best flavors in each coffee.

We are building relationships at the farm level and seek to validate that what we're doing is helping, not hurting, those that make coffee possible. Best of all, a portion of every sale goes to projects and organizations that are making an impact in communities near and far.

For you, this means knowing where your coffee is coming from and who it is supporting. And, of course, being able to enjoy every cup!

Golf Tribute

“At Golf Tribute, we have 3 pillars of the business: dress with style, play with feel, and give with love! It is this 3rd Pillar that is most important at Golf Tribute. 

Here are some key ways that we give back: 

  • *10% Portion of Proceeds of Every Sale is given back to first tee, Golfs premier 501c3. Helping kids learn "life lessons /values" through core teachings on & off the course. Through our partnership, we look to preserve the future of golf, by honoring its origins. Our website has more information on this (Give with Love – Golf Tribute)
  • *80%-90% of our Revenue comes from working with hundreds of Benefits, Charities & Fundraiser Events through our unique product line, they are able to raise funds & awareness for many great causes. 
  • We also implement a portion of proceeds GIVE BACK code, where if Organizations (Charities) distribute this code, for any sales made using that code will generate funds that Golf Tribute will donate back to the Charity on a monthly and/or quarterly basis 

Regarding sustainability, we look to make our products with primarily organic materials such as Wood, Canvas, and Leather. In this way, we reduce the carbon footprint of synthetic manufacturing regarding our ‘raw materials’.“

See what Snappy can do for you

Snappy is proud to have all these amazing partners working together and a part of our collections. We’re always looking for more ways to send some smiles and our mission is to keep adding to this list and give back as much as we can.

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