Streamlined gifting with customized reveals

Snappy was founded with the idea of being able to make someone’s day with a wonderful gift they’ll love and that makes them feel truly appreciated. In the last year alone, we’ve sent over 1 million gifts around the world - and today our experience is getting even better! Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Snappy Studio and an enhanced Send Gift experience so you can send gifts with a more personal touch, faster and easier! This follows hot on the heels of last month’s announcement about our video greeting feature, which will now be incorporated into the full Snappy Studio experience.  

What’s the Snappy Studio? Your customization station

The Snappy Studio is your space to create a customized greeting with fun, new gift reveal experiences, and the ability to attach a video greeting. With the Snappy Studio, you can create custom gift reveal experiences for each of your gift campaigns, from birthdays to anniversaries - you’ll be able to make each occasion even more memorable. This new feature is sure to add even more magic to your gifting experience and make your recipients’ day! We’ve added 4 new reveal experiences to pick from - stay tuned for even more fun customization options in the future!

 What’s the new Send Gift experience? An improved way to send gifts in seconds

We’ve listened to customer’s feedback and after vigorous rounds of testing, we’re delighted to launch this more efficient workflow to make the gift send process easier than ever. With the Snappy Studio baked right into this new workflow, we’ve also included features such as creating a greeting with dynamic fields and a new recipient management experience.

We’ve streamlined the gift send process with a step-by-step wizard to easily choose a gift, personalize the reveal experience, include a text or video greeting, and send it off in a few short clicks. With Snappy, you can send one gift or 10,000 with the same ease and simplicity. 

What’s next?

The Snappy Studio and Send Gift workflow are now available to all customers in the Snappy Dashboard. If you’d like to learn more about these exciting new features and want to experience the delight for yourself, reach out for a demo!

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