Upcoming Features April 2021

When it comes to the Snappy Dashboard, we’ve got loads in store for you this month! We’ve been working on a lot of great updates and we can’t wait to show you all the cool stuff that’s coming out.  

While we can’t mention everything we’re working on, we can at least spill some of the beans. This month, we’re rolling out:

  • A new and improved Snappy Dashboard where everything is organized by Account for easier navigation
  • The ability to send gifts to multiple countries at once (available for Premium tier clients only)
  • And a special surprise to help customize your Snappy experience!

We want to keep gushing, but we have to hold on to the suspense! And don’t worry about being notified when these great features come out, we’ll definitely let you know and we’ll be posting about it on our social media channels. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Premier tier and international shipping, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or click here to reach out!

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