Employee Appreciation Tips: 5 Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas

Employee Appreciation Day is March 4th - it's the perfect day to thank your team for all their hard work with an employee appreciation campaign.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with a few Employee Appreciation Day ideas that will help you celebrate your team this month and beyond! Each of these employee appreciation week ideas can be used to express team appreciation throughout the year!

Express words of gratitude

Whether you’re a team leader or an individual contributor, it’s essential to take time to tell your team; thank you for your hard work! We recommend taking time to send personalized notes of appreciation to recognize employees and teammates you work with closely.

Quick Tip: Put an “Appreciation Hour” on the calendar

Make sure your team doesn’t get swept away with meetings by setting aside a time block for appreciation time on your calendar. Doing this can help you catch up with your team, boost employee morale, and show gratitude. 

Whether it's a company-wide initiative or you're focused on a smaller team, having a leader like your CEO or department head kick off a quick Zoom meeting is a great way to express appreciation to everyone in the organization.

Share a meal and activity together 

Good food is a love language. This Employee Appreciation Day, send your team a free meal and set up a fun meal-time activity. It’s a great way to share some laughs while also showing thanks while bonding over a timeless icebreaker and bonding activity - eating!

Quick Tip: Make sure work isn’t discussed 

Don’t turn a fun lunch hour into an occasion to talk about work! At Snappy, we host a virtual lunch every Friday where work chit-chat is avoided, so team members can get to know each other on a personal level.

Since we’ve pivoted to a remote working environment, we’ve also started hosting lunch activities, including virtual game shows, breathwork classes, cooking classes, and a lot more!  This has proven to be a great way to encourage employee engagement in a hybrid work environment! 

Donate to an important cause

It’s essential to support your team in giving back to causes they care about the most. In fact, many people claim the recent pandemic has brought more awareness to specific issues and inspired them to give back more than ever before.

Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to give your team time off to give back or offer the chance to donate on their behalf.

Quick Tip: Let your team pick the cause

Try to let your team contribute to a cause they truly care about. To make it easier, Snappy uses a service called Good Today which empowers everyone on our team to be an active philanthropist.

Snappy sponsors our team to each donate $3 weekly via Slack. Every week we feature two charities tackling an issue in different ways. All an employee needs to do is click donate, and Snappy covers the cost.

Give a meaningful gift

Want to make an extra big splash this Employee Appreciation Day? Naturally, one of our favorite ways of appreciating employees is with an employee appreciation gift! 

We partner with thousands of companies around the globe, including Zoom and Comcast, to celebrate their talent, congratulate great work, and build employee recognition programs in a fun and meaningful way. We let your team members choose the gift they want most out of a collection of hand-selected items within your budget range. From physical gifts to digital experiences, vacations, and donations– we've got you covered.

Quick Tip: Focus on making your gift as memorable as possible

Everyone loves a gift – but it’s the meaningful ones that stand out above the rest. Check out our guide to make your gift even more memorable this Employee Appreciation Day. ‍And, don’t forget to add a personalized note or video greeting to express your appreciation along with the gift!

Celebrate all year round

Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect occasion to show appreciation to your team, but you’re missing the mark if you only do it once a year! There are plenty of opportunities to show appreciation year-round! 

Quick Tip: Invest in your employee recognition program with an Enterprise Gifting Platform, like Snappy!

Studies show that employees who feel appreciated are more motivated and more likely to stay with their organization longer. And luckily, Snappy is here to help! We offer automated gift campaigns for birthdays and service anniversaries, and we have gift collections for every occasion– even events like Earth Day, Pride Month, and much more. And yes, we’ve even curated a unique Employee Appreciation Day gift collection this year! 

If you’re already a Snappy customer, you can log in to your dashboard to start creating your Employee Appreciation Day campaign today!

Not a customer? Click here to learn how Snappy can help you appreciate your team today.

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