Celebrate Intern Appreciation Day with Snappy

Although it often goes unsaid, interns have a big impact on company culture. They bring fresh perspectives, boost morale, and play a huge role in increasing overall productivity. 

July 29th is Intern Appreciation Day, and we would love to celebrate with you and your team with our brand new Intern Collection! 

Started by WayUp in 2017, Intern Appreciation Day encourages college students and recent grads to apply, work hard, and see the future they can potentially generate. It is also the perfect day to recognize the hard work interns do during their time with a company.

To help celebrate, we’ve selected some great pieces in our Intern Collection that your interns are sure to love. The collection features fun games, snacks, WFH accessories, and much more. It is available for the U.S. in the $25 and $50 budget ranges.

Ready to brighten up your interns’ day? If you’re already a Snappy client, our Intern Collection is available on your Dashboard. If you’re not and want to learn more, click here to get in touch!

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