6 creative ways to boost team morale while remote

We wanted to take this moment to say we hope you, your family and your teams are all safe.We know this isn’t an easy time, and we want to help support you and your employees in the best way we can.

At Snappy, we are big believers in positivity, togetherness, and building a strong team that supports each other. With so much uncertainty in the air right now, we believe in the importance of staying strong as a team unit now more than ever.

To help, we prepared a guide with some tools and fun games you can use that really helped our team boost morale this week while we worked from home. We hope it can lift your teams’ spirits and make their day a little brighter.

1. Host an all-day “Zoom Room”

Working remote doesn't have to mean giving up collaboration or fun office banter. With a healthy dose of communication technology, it's easy to keep communication flowing throughout the day. 

Snappy uses Zoom Room, a virtual conference room, to help everyone on the team connect at any given time. Whether someone just wants to say something fun or talk business- there is always someone on the other side.

2. Send fun surprises to brighten their day

It's easy to start missing all the little perks of the office, so we created a special collection to help make your team comfier and healthier while working from home!

The collection includes coffee, exercise accessories, cooking kits, and subscription boxes that will be sent right to their homes! We hope our new collection can help bring all those comforts and more to your team no matter where they are.

3. Hold each other accountable

Let’s be honest – with Facebook and Netflix always available, working at home can really challenge your focus when you don’t have colleagues around to hold you accountable.

One way to boost team togetherness is to create a shared spreadsheet where everyone writes their goals for the day and checks them off as they complete them. This way, at the end of the day, everyone can look at what they’ve achieved and celebrate each others wins.

4. Create an “Animal Channel” on Slack

One of the best parts of working from home is being able to spend quality time with your pets. One creative way to build community while remote is to create a dedicated animal channel on Slack where team members can post cute pictures of their pets during the day. Not only are the images something to “ooh and aah” about, but it’s a fun way to learn more about your colleagues.

5. Give your team a healthy outlet to vent

We believe it's normal for people to want to talk about the news and vent their frustrations with the situation. But we also believe it's best to keep this in moderation during the workday as the news can get start to weigh heavy.

To give our team a healthy outlet, we started initiating1:1 meetings where people can chat about the current situation and get it all out. We also created are source page where our team can subscribe and get updates on the situation and well as holding weekly company updates where we inform our team with the latest company news.

6. Throw a virtual office party

Widespread recommendations for quarantining at home can easily lead to feelingsof loneliness. We recommend hosting a virtual office party so your team can share some laughs andtake their mind off everything.

Once a week, give your team the option to order lunch from the company account and everyone can eat together virtually and play games. No one likes eating alone, so it’s a great way to feel connected to each other and brighten each others’ day!

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