Why Employee Recognition Needs to Be Fun

Rarely a week goes by that I don't hear about a company that is spending millions of dollars on various employee recognition and rewards programs and activities, yet report that their employees do not feel valued. At a time when most of the $90 billion employee recognition and incentive market has gravitated toward using points, gift cards and catalogs of merchandise, employees report feeling less valued than ever before. In fact, in my research, 85 percent of today's employees report being "overworked and underappreciated.

It is no secret that great employees are hard to find and even harder to retain. About 2 million employees quit their jobs every month in the U.S. alone, and 43 percent leave due to lack of recognition -- the No. 1 reason employees quit their jobs according to staffing firm Robert Half International. It is also well established that employees stay at companies where they are appreciated for their hard work and dedication. In fact, according to a research poll by Maritz, Inc., employees that feel valued where they work are seven times more likely to stay with their company for the rest of their careers.

So it's refreshing when I find a rewards service provider that is primarily focused on putting the fun back in the incentive industry. Snappy Gifts, based out of New York City puts the "wow" back in meaningful recognition by providing fun, unique and personalized gifts that better engage and retain employees -- all with just one click of your mouse.

"We help HR managers save time and money while providing a seamless and efficient way to reward their team members with unique gifts without settling for trivial and lackluster gift cards," CEO and Co-Founder Hani Goldstein told me. "Snappy creates a simple, personalized and customized gift solution, ensuring that unwanted gifts and inconvenient returns are a thing of the past."

Snappy App Inc.'s innovative platform for giving deserving employees a choice of fun and unique gifts, curated by Snappy and customized for them by their employer, also  boasts plenty of special features. These include ADP integration that allows for seamless onboarding of employees onto the platform, both automated and on-demand gift-giving capabilities (gifts which include options such as location-based experiences, e.g., skydiving, cooking classes and wine tours, as well as trending products like drones, tablets and Echo Dots) and a dashboard that serves as a one-stop shop for HR managers and leaders to view reporting and metrics.

For all those employers who are tired of having their employees drag into work, surf the Internet all morning just waiting for their break or lunch, help has arrived to get employees more excited about doing their best work.

I always say, "work that's fun gets done," and rewards providers such as Snappy Gifts show how to offer a fresh and unique way to make any employee's job a little more fun.

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