10 Simple Ways to Make a Memorable Gift Reveal

Everyone loves a gift – but what if we took a little time to go the extra mile? Studies show that employees who feel appreciated are more motivated and more likely to stay with their organization longer. Check out these 10 ways you can make a super-memorable gift reveal with just a few clicks!

  1. Personalize it

Don’t just say “thanks for doing a great job” pick out some things the recipient worked on, tell them how much it helped the team.

Another great idea is sharing something you remembered them telling you, like their favorite food or their favorite activity. This works particularly well in one-off gift sends, where you can even make sure the recommended gift matches their preferences!

Note: Personalization isn’t limited to individual gifts! By utilizing merge tags and speaking to team or company milestones, a gift can have all the feels whether you’re sending 1 or 100,000

  1. A gift that speaks to them

We have tons of gift Collections and using one that will really resonate with the recipient is a surefire way to let them know how much you care. If they love hiking, we have an outdoor collection. If they have pets, we got them covered! There’s something for everyone and you can make sure they get something they’ll really love.

  1. Brand it

In the Snappy Gift Studio, you can customize certain gift reveals with colors and text that match your company’s brand, or the recipient’s favorite colors, or even a specific holiday. Regardless of the reason, by putting in a little extra effort, it makes them feel special because you took the time for them.

  1. Make a day of it

Employee Appreciation Day is March 4th - organizations are celebrating all the hard work their employees do with a day of activities and celebrations. During a meeting, you can announce everyone is getting a gift and just watch their faces light up!

  1. Surprise them

You don’t always have to schedule a gift for the holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries. You can send one just because! A gift from Snappy is a big surprise in and of itself, but a surprise surprise? Nothing will make their day more!

  1. Show your support

Nothing says appreciation like showing your support for one’s culture. We have collections from underrepresented-owned businesses and offer cultural gift campaigns including Women’s History Month, Asian Heritage Month, LGBTQ+ Pride, US Veterans, and more to show support and let your recipients know you see them. 

  1. Be consistent

If you want to keep up the excitement and truly make your team feel appreciated, show them you mean it with consistent gift sends. It could be for any reason at all – the key is making them know that you go above and beyond for them. Once you do that, they’ll do the same for you!

  1. Say it with a video

Don’t feel like typing, or just can’t get your point across? Upload a Video Greeting! You can record a video and tell them how you feel. We wrote some tips and tricks on making the best video greetings. Get creative!

  1. Spoil them

Budgets are always a concern, but it’s worth digging into the larger gift collections for a few people. Nothing makes an employee feel more excited than browsing a collection of gifts they normally wouldn’t buy for themselves because of the cost. They work hard, they deserve it, let them know it.

  1. Ask us for help

Depending on your subscription plan with Snappy, we offer custom-branded scratch screens and holidays. Our dedicated team is always happy to help and is here to suggest some fun ways to go the extra mile on your next gift send.

Start your memorable gift reveal today!

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