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Top employee appreciation gift ideas for 2023

The dedicated employees that make up your business are key to its growth and success, and you want them to know (and feel) that. Employee appreciation gifts are a thoughtful and effective way to show employees they are valued and appreciated. They are a tangible, simple, and scalable way of practicing employee appreciation in the workplace and can significantly impact employee morale, motivation, and job satisfaction. If you want your employees to feel seen and appreciated, this guide's employee appreciation gift ideas will help you do just that!

Appreciation gift ideas to thank your team

Whether you need to send one (or hundreds) of gifts, you will want to send appreciation gifts for employees that will make each recipient feel special and seen. It's all about building the right relationships, and by sending a meaningful gift that makes them feel like somebody chose it especially for them, you will be doing exactly that. The right employee gift idea can make employees feel more connected to the company and team.

From $25 employee appreciation gift ideas to celebrate smaller moments to the best $100 gifts for the more significant milestones - we've put together some excellent gift ideas that employees will love.

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Make each gift you send count!

With so many great employee appreciation gift ideas, you must be wondering if it's possible to give meaningful and personal gifts when you have hundreds of employees, and a budget to stick to.

The good news, is that the answer is yes! We can make it easy for you to send the best appreciation gifts no matter the size of your workforce - with thousands of appreciation gifts from the best brands and latest trends curated into unique collections and with incredible choices for every budget.

The best part - you  don't have to decide which amazing gift you want to send. With Snappy you give your recipients the gift of choice by sending a collection of items at the budget range that works for you, sprinkle on magic with digital wrapping , make it personal with one-click personalization, and let them choose their favorite item.

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