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Snappy was founded with a simple yet powerful idea: that recognition and joy can unlock the best in people, companies, and ultimately the world.  Snappy has been partnering with Microsoft since 2021 to deliver meaningful moments of gratitude and recognition that help transform company culture through the power of gifting.
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Year-round gifting to fuel engagement, increase company morale and performance, and drive employee retention.

Our all-in-one gifting platform helps you recognize and reward your
team with gifts that delight - every time. 
New Hires
DE&I initiatives
ERG/Affinity groups
Life Milestones
… and more! If it involves rewards and recognition, it involves Snappy!

Thousands of gift choices

Your team deserves gifts that are as great as they are.

Real Microsoft thank you notes

Thank you so much for the most thoughtful gift. I will never be able to find the words to express how much your kindness and appreciation make me feel. THANK YOU :)
THANK YOU for offering this token of appreciation for the work done on the FY24 planning. This was so unexpected and also deeply appreciated. So thoughtful!
Thank you for this wonderful gift! I truly appreciate the recognition from the LT for the team's hard work and contributions!
Thank you for the awesome and fun learning experience. KQL is a good language, love the auto-complete and readily available schema and function/query library. The gift is also very nice, thank you! P.S. looking forward to more!
Thank you so much for this considerate gift - constant reminders of why we love working here and being a part of our team!
Thank you for the gift. I think things like this will keep individuals motivated to learn Microsoft products.

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We've compiled a bunch of helpful resources for you to get the most of your Snappy experience. Check out these helpful docs to spread the word to your Associates and answer your technical questions.
For your recipients

What is Snappy

​​Share this doc with your team so they know what Snappy is, how it works, and how to receive their gift! Simply download, print, or email it out!
For your recipients

How to claim a Snappy gift

Send out this link for a quick video on how easy it is to claim a Snappy gift!
For You

Budgeting for your campaings

Utilize our interactive Budget Calculator to help estimate how much you’ll need to budget for, inclusive of Snappy’s service fee and estimated sales tax!
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Get reports in a snap

Learn how to view and download reports to keep track of your gifts, claims and budget!
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How to boost your claim rate

This doc provides you with ways to help your team claim the wonderful gifts you’re sending them!
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Snappy help center

For a full list of available resources, how-to guides and more, please visit our Snappy Help Center! 
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Sending Swag

We LOVE Swag! Here’s everything you need to know to design the perfect Swag collection.
We love referrals!
Do you have another Microsoft team that should be using Snappy? Let us know! After a meeting is booked with your referral and our Sales team, you’ll receive a Snappy gift from us
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