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Since 2019, Snappy has been committed to delivering heartfelt gifts that not only enhance the DraftKings experience but also foster a strong sense of camaraderie and positivity within their player community. Snappy's core principle revolves around the profound impact of recognition and joy. The act of sending gifts to DraftKings players holds the potential to unlock their true player potential.
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At Snappy, we take care of everything… not only gifts they’ll love but also…

Bonus Offer Tool Integration

Snappy has the only native physical gifting integration into the DraftKings Bonus Offer Tool

Draftkings Approved Vendor

Snappy has been fully vetted by DraftKings compliance team

Scalable Physical Gifting

Send Physical gifts to players at unlimited scale
“Snappy is a cash equivalent from a return on player spend perspective”

Let Players and Team members feel the “Thank You” by rewarding them with Snappy!

Here’s what you can use Snappy for:
Sitewide Rewards
Casual Player Rewards
VIP Rewards
VIP Host Rewards
Player Services
Casino Rewards
Sportsbook Rewards
Sign-Up Offers
 “…and more! If it involves rewards and recognition, Snappy is your winning bet, every time!

Happiness is a one-of-a-kind ROI

Higher lifetime value of customers who have an emotional relationship with a brand

Recommendation rate from customers who have an emotional relationship with a brand

Purchasing decisions driven by emotion

Logos: Salesforce, ebay, Microsoft, Meta, Uber, zynga, zoom, T-Mobile, Luxotica.

Thousands of gift choices

Your team deserves gifts that are as great as they are.

Real Draftkings players feedback and thank you notes

Excellent! Best promo you can ever offer! Snappy gifts are the best idea to promote players to use your site. Awesome products and by far the best customer service. Thank you!
DK-Y’all are the greatest!! Appreciate the gift. Have a great summer. Looking forward to more VIP Promotions and some more Snappy gifts! This was a great idea.
Please continue Snappy Promo gifts! It is one of the main reasons I choose to use your service over the others. Thank you very much!
I am so thankful I joined DraftKings! The other place I was wagering with before DraftKings, offered so much less! Between the promo boosts, free bets I can earn, crowns, and these Snappy gift promos, it’s great! As long as you continue to treat your LOYAL USERS with such great promos/offers, I will continue to lose my money to you ;) Thanks again!
Thank you DraftKings!  Please keep using Snappy gifts, they are the best!  Make people want to use your service more than others. 
Great idea! I have redeemed one Snappy gift by betting with DraftKings already. Please continue to use Snappy, makes me use DK over some of the others. Thanks!
Thank you for the Snappy gift! Run this promo again, and I'll be shooting for a higher tier prize. :-)

Getting a Gift

Here’s a quick look at the player experience when receiving a Snappy Gift.

Source High End Branded Merchandise, Directly with Snappy

Full catalog of brandable items, all within the same platform
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