TaskRabbit is a service platform that instantly connects you with skilled taskers to help with odd-jobs and errands. In a period of explosive growth, the TaskRabbit people operations team sought a platform to highlight outstanding employee performance, milestones, and life events.


TaskRabbit utilizes Snappy to frictionlessly send rewards to their employees. Team members that receive a Snappy gift get to choose their favorite reward from a curated list of products.


After receiving positive thank you notes from their awarded employees, TaskRabbit has started to expand their program from anniversary and “culture rockstar” rewards to also include life event gifts and customer service rewards.

'Culture Rockstar' Rewards

Recognize ‘culture rockstars’ for embodying TaskRabbit’s core values.

"Dear TaskRabbit... THANK YOU for the wonderful snappy!!!! Really made my night and it just reinforced how happy I am to work for such a great company, not because they give me gifts but because they value appreciating others and making them feel needed and important! and also making them feel special and happy, very happy.”

Service Anniversary

Employ service anniversary gifts every year starting from year one to increase year-to-year retention.

“I’m so glad I get to work for such a cool company with such amazing people 👏🏼 One year down, many to go!”
“Thank you so much! I finally got that noise machine I have been wanting but didn't feel like I should spend the money on a fancy "fan sound." Hopefully, I will be sleeping better!”
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