Le Tote is the leading rental fashion service that lets you wear the clothing and accessories you choose.

In 2017, Le Tote encountered massive expansion and growth throughout their corporate office and fulfillment centers. While managing countless new on-boards, the HR team needed a way to successfully support current employees and increase retention.


Le Tote partnered with Snappy to develop an employee rewards program that expressed authentic and meaningful team gratitude. They chose to highlight employee attendance and service anniversaries as key impact opportunities to show appreciation for consistently exceptional work.


After noticing substantial increases in employee retention and attendance, Le Tote continues to utilize Snappy as an important foundation of their employee experience. Additionally, several positive employee's thank you notes served as a key indicator that the program was well received and appreciated.

Service Anniversary

Employ yearly gifts as a part of a larger employee engagement strategy aimed at increasing year-to-year retention.

"Thanks Le Tote!! This is an awesome perk and so many gifts to choose from! :)"

Perfect Attendance

Motivate the fulfillment team to keep a consistent and timely daily attendance.

"Thank you so much for my gift! I really needed a toaster too! <3 Very awesome surprise, you guys are the best!"
"Thank you to Le Tote management, I appreciate this Snappy gift for my perfect attendance. Being one of the first employees when you opened here in DC ...I made it 2 years with perfect attendance and also got employee of the month . I love working with all of you guys and I love my PACKING TEAM 😀😀😀"
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