Company Size:
 74,000 employees


Gift Sending Locations:

United States, Spain, Brazil, Israel, India, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Australia, Singapore, and Canada.

Company Size:
 74,000 employees


Gift Sending Locations:

United States, Spain, Brazil, Israel, India, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Australia, Singapore, and Canada.

The Company |
About Salesforce‍

Salesforce is a popular cloud-based software company designed to help businesses find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with amazing service. 

Over the past few years, Salesforce has experienced fast global growth and partnered with Snappy in August 2020 to send employee gifts at scale. Thanks to Snappy’s fun, automatic gifting platform, Salesforce has seen global employee wellness and morale rise. 

Megan Murphy, who joined Salesforce in 2017 as an Executive Assistant to the VP of Global Safety & Security, is not only an EA superstar but heads the Safety & Security department’s employee morale-boosting initiatives that kick-started Salesforce’s partnership with Snappy. Since then, Snappy has expanded to 169 departments globally. Here’s her Snappy story:

The Challenge |
Gifting At Scale for a Global Team
Time Consuming

When Megan first joined Salesforce, she had a small team of about 32 people and was handling all morale-boosting activities and gifts herself.

“The only way I knew how to do it was to purchase gifts manually,” Megan says. “It was all through me, which was awful and time-consuming but doable with a smaller team.”

When Megan’s team grew to over 100 people, she knew she couldn’t do it herself. She reflected, “Half of my job became just buying gifts for people!” 

 Avoiding Disappointment

Not only was her status quo labor-intensive, but it was also impossible to pick an item that everyone would enjoy. Megan says, “I know a lot about my team, but not the complete intricacies in what they would fully enjoy, so that was tough.”

Difficulty of Global Gifting

Global gifting was one of Megan’s biggest challenges. She mentioned difficulties in sourcing and sending gifts that were available worldwide that stuck to a consistent price point. “There was no actual price point that I could keep,” Megan reflected. “What I could send to each country and get there due to customs was out of my control.”

And then Megan discovered Snappy, which prides itself on giving recipients the perfect gift every time while allowing admins to send one gift to thousands of gifts to over 70 countries with the click of a button. 

The Solution |
The Gift of Time

Snappy makes organizing the complex process of gift giving as simple as possible. Snappy and Salesforce worked together to customize and automate dynamic gift campaigns for every initiative, saving countless hours of administrative work. That means Megan gains valuable time to focus on other responsibilities, while ensuring her team feels recognized and appreciated. 

Top-Tier Gift Selection

Not only are Salesforce admins happier but so are gift recipients! “Recipients love to get their choice and really appreciate how Snappy changes their gift selection so often,” Megan says. “So if someone has a birthday one month and a workiversary the next, they will have a different selection of gifts to choose from. Folks have told me that they are excited to see what options they will get!”

Megan also mentions Snappy’s impressive selection of gift collections, including sustainable gifts and gifts sourced from underrepresented communities, as a huge perk.

Megan says, “One of my favorite parts about Snappy is that you take the time to curate collections that have an impact. I recently got a gift and saw items from women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, and sustainable options. Sustainability is a huge part of Salesforce’s mission, so having a sustainable collection and gift options is huge for us. It’s so well-thought-out and so carefully chosen. It’s a very amazing touch.”

Global Gifting Capabilities

With offices and teams worldwide, Salesforce utilizes Snappy to send gifts to 8 different countries, including the U.S., Spain, Brazil, Israel, India, United Kingdom, Japan, and France.

Snappy enables each admin to easily budget, send, and track their international gifting efforts from one easy-to-use platform. “Having a price point that is the same for everyone has been huge. Getting a global gift sent out doesn’t feel like a stress point anymore,” Megan says.

The Results |
Amplified Employee Wellness and Morale

Snappy helps Salesforce amplify employee morale and team success.

“When I need to showcase Snappy’s impact to our leadership, I just print out those thank you notes. It’s a meaningful way to showcase how happy, special, and appreciated Snappy makes our team feel, ” says Megan, who highlights the value of having feedback from recipients as a critical benefit of the Snappy platform. 

Since launching Snappy, they’ve sent thousands of gifts globally and achieved a high engagement rate! In fact, 85% of people who were sent a Snappy gift from Salesforce chose an item they loved!

By using Snappy, Salesforce has seen a spike in overall employee wellness and morale.  “Our employee survey shows wellness and morale have jumped over the past two years since launching Snappy,” Megan says. “We can see that people are happier and they feel really taken care of.”

The results have been so positive that Salesforce has expanded to 169 departments globally, including departments such as Marketing Operations,, Enablement, Finance Forward, AMER People Services & Operations, and many more! 

Megan says, ‘It’s been really fun to pass the gift of time on to other EAs in other departments. Keeping people happy is extremely important to us.”

Snappy team members:

Elana Kathein: Director of Client Partnerships

Chris Kane: Client Partner

Kamaria Mion: Customer Success Manager

Thank you notes give instant feedback about the impact of Snappy gifts on employee engagement

“Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift. It’s only been 1 week and 2 days since I became part of the SF family, but I can feel the love and appreciation there is within this company and I’m beyond excited to be part of this team and company. Thank you!” - Denise R
“Excited about the gift! I chose the intuitive writing class as I’ve had a nagging interest to write about a story I tell often. Hoping this will give me the nudge to start putting pen to paper or keys to the keyboard!” - Robert M
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“A huge thanks to the entire team and company for welcoming me and making me feel not only part of the team, the department, but also the family that we are. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to be working with such amazing and talented individuals. I look forward to many more years and milestones to come.” - Beau T
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