Snappy’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Our holiday gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for anyone — without the stress.

Send smiles in seconds

Our unique approach to gifting allows you to combine the thoughtfulness of a hand-picked gift with the flexibility of a curated gift collection - meaning you get the perfect holiday gift every time.

& Memorable

Send your gift recipient a fun, personal message and link to reveal a featured gift.

Choose from Amazing Gifts

Recipients get to choose their favorite gift from a personalized collection.

Global Shipping & Delivery

From the retailer to the recipient’s home in a click of a button - without needing to know their address details.

Guaranteed to get the perfect
holiday gift every time.

Snappy lets your gift recipients choose from a curated collection of top-rated options in your selected budget range. Choices range from today’s trending products, local experiences, donation options, and much more!

Check out our 2021 holiday gift guide

Customers love Snappy

Patti Hahnl

Snappy is so fun! So many different and unique gift ideas ~ but ALWAYS something for someone! Well done!

Gregor Ruthven

The gift receiving experience with Snappy was great! Simple, fun, and easy. Plenty of good gifts to choose from. I definitely recommend it!

Jon Hubbard

Snappy puts a smile on your face! The interface and the joy of Snappy is second to none!  I really like Snappy as a Rewards and Incentive solution.

Snappy's hand releasing a caring heart into the world.

Make an impact

When you choose Snappy, you're giving more than a gift.  We are committed to positive change, and actively partner with minority-owned businesses and those that use and provide sustainable products. Our platform reduces wasted gifts and unnecessary return-shipping, and includes a donation option in every collection - so that your generosity can go even further.

See for yourself why so many companies are choosing Snappy for their gifting needs